Free textbook rentals for first-generation undergraduate students at Marquette University.

Are you a first-generation undergraduate student at Marquette University who is struggling to afford your textbooks? Community. Books. YOU. is here to help.

Donate your old textbooks.

Commmunity. Books. YOU. relies on the generosity of students like you for donated textbooks that we lend to first-generation undergraduate students who need assistance.

Email us at to donate.

About Community. Books. YOU.

Community. Books. YOU. (C.B.Y.) is an organization started in 2021 that helps first-generation students by lending them their required textbooks for free.

The C.B.Y. started with the idea of two Latina freshman at Marquette University. Julie Alemán, a Puerto Rican/Dominican, came up with the idea of helping students with their textbooks. Wendy Pérez joined Alemán and with her great ideas they started developing what is now called, Community. Books. YOU.


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Meet our team

We're currently looking for a photographer, textbook manager, outreach manager, events coordinator, promotion coordinator, and more.

If you're interested in joining C.B.Y., email us at

  • Julie Alemán


    Julie is a first-generation Puerto-Rican at Marquette University. She is majoring in corporate communication. Her passion is to create solutions to make this society better in terms of stereotypes and justice.

    Follow Julie on Instagram at juliealemannn.

  • Wendy Perez


    Wendy is a Mexican-American first-generation junior at Marquette University. She is majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing. Her passions are giving back to the community, learning new skills, and traveling.

    Follow Wendy on Instagram at wendy.perez0.

Contact us

We are located in the Digital Scholarship Lab in Raynor Library on Marquette's campus. Follow us on Instagram at